march 1 2023
starting on march commissions! thank you every one that helped my ko-fi goal for the month.
for those interested in future comms:
if i finish march comms sooner, i'll look into opening again for april!

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jenny n. 1989 . she/her
laotian-american based in bay area, california.

jenn @ oiichyo.com

- cintiq 22hd + photoshop cs6

i have 2 dogs, remmy & gugi. they are my world.



- Paypal and Venmo payments only- Will not draw: NSFW, Problematic content. Inquire if you are unsure
- Full payment must be sent first before I start on your commission

Finished commissions:
- You may post them with credit.
- Commissions are for personal use only.
- Twitch/Streaming related is OK!
- Do not use for profit.
- For commercial use, contact me.
I may decline your commission due to uncomfortable content and/or complexity.Any questions/etc. contact me.

>> commission status <<

Commercial Inquiry → ✉: jenn @ oiichyo.com

commission status

updated: march 25 / 11:00 pm PST

tenicolab/w sketch(2x)finished ✔ 2/25/23
kehaumessy mini donut(2x)finished ✔ 2/25/23
nelsonprivate(5x)finished ✔ 3/6/23
haleymessy gremlin(1x)finished ✔ 3/6/23
mochipochimessy gremlin(9x)finished ✔ 3/25/23
aniechibi(2x)finished ✔ 3/16/23
wi-gimessy mini donut(4x)finished ✔ 3/19/23
elimchibi(6x)to start
dendenebnebmessy gremlin/mini donut(19x)to start


twitter: @oiichyo or send email below:


Please note, all requests are taken under consideration.
You may be as detailed as you like but I cannot promise I'll add every detail.
Requests will be posted on my art twitter: @oiichyoart

gremlins / 22usd

+20usd for an additional character

chibi / 35usd

+30usd for an additional character

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